Why the difference?

Hello All,

I have recently finished a course of 500mg Medrone each day for five days. Although I assume that these steroids are meant to reduce inflamation and heal at the same time, I can’t help but notice that, if anything, these Medrone seem to delay any other healing. I had a (gardening injury) deep cut just before I was put on these steroids for the relapse I am in, but this cut seemed to virtually stop its healing, and even my finger nails seem to be more sluggish when I am on the Medrone. I am just wondering if anyone knows why these so called ‘super healing steroids’ outwardly seem to do anything but.

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When I was given a course of methylprednisolone steroids, apart from developing an enormous appetite, I broke out in spots & boils all over the place, I went to my GP who looked quite surprised and prescribed me antibiotics. When I told the neurologist, she practically accused me of lying which left me at quite a low ebb for a few days. I’ve never looked into how steroids work, but I just thought they suppressed the immune system, which would explain why your cut is taking longer to heal.

By the way, I was impressed by your user name: Rabbit Fan. Have you read the joke posted on here by MS43 titled ‘Sex after death’ I think you’ll like it.

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Hello Bill,

Thank you for replying. I also liked the rabbit joke. But why Kent, bunny habits are international!

I also find that steroids increase my appetite several times over and I have to hold back. But I didn’t know that steroids suppressed the immune system. The Rebif I am on is meant to do that, but perhaps they both do. I still can’t imagine why the Medrone has such a strange side effect!?!

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if you go to the site


and type in corticosteroids in the search box,you will get loads of info,including thes side effects,of which there are many.Delayed wound healing and acne type spots are well known side effects.A lot of the side effects are only seen if you’re taking steroids over a long period of time,so don’t worry.

If you are having a relapse and also have an infection at the same time,doctors prefer to treat the infection first,as signs of infection can be masked by steroids.Tha is why it is common to testr your urine for infection before starting a course of steroids for a relapse.I’m a nurse by the way,which is why I have some knowledge!

Hope this is of use to you and that your wound heals soon.Take care,Brenda x

Hello Brenda,

Thank you for your reply. I hope to read the NHS site that you have pointed out later today. I have had so many courses of steroids that it must run into the teens, but I have never been tested for any infections. I don’t seem to get any spots on the Medrone, but I certainly used to when I had ACTH, which wasn’t much fun.

Thank you for the reply, I will go and read the site that you have pointed out now.

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I hope the site was useful.They usually do a ‘dipstick’ urine test before starting the course of treatment.I don’t know why it hasn’t been done with you.Strange though.Take care and hope the tablets help with your symptoms.

Brenda x

Hello Brenda,

Thank you for getting back to me. Now you mention the ‘dip strip’ business, I may just ask for this myself each time I have any more courses of the dreaded steroids. My urologist has put me on one Cefalexin every day, so maybe he assumes that I will never have a water infection again ever…

I am feeling more lucid after this course of Medrone and my pins are stronger, but I think that I should buckle down to more resting (I am not very good at this!)

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