why not a 3rd set?! (not ms)


those of those that know me are aware of my random questions! todays is…humans can grow 2 sets of teeth-milk and 2nd ones. but why not a 3rd? crocodiles replace lost ones i believe. what changes that we cant produce a 3rd set?

i guess the answer lies in something to do with stem cell production…what makes a human unable to do what other animals can

there are some very clever folk on here. if they have the time to get their teeth into this i would be grateful for an explaination

ellie x

The scientific explanation is…crocodiles need lots of big, strong teeth…to EAT YOU WITH !! Xx

Evolution at its best!



i have been pad free for 24hrs and was so proud-until u made me giggle and dribble! pmsl!


ellie x

Cool…I aim to pee’se…oops sorry, I meant please !! Xx

But then again is MS evolution at its worst?


Probably, Darren, but then so is psychopathy and I know what I’d rather have !! Although some would argue…


nah-theres worse than ms. dementia is one-so cruel for the person concerned and also family…i am not saying that ms is easy or its a competition but…

ellie x

Right, so if we are gonna find a way to grow new bits…

I want a correct set of genes please!

luv Pollx

So true it could always be worse,

I did read that the 2 sets of teeth in humans was a trait that the “strongest” had, so we kept it while evolving. The same with other mammals i.e dogs.


E,the reason is that dentists would just find more ways of making money if we had more teeth,and the bloke who makes false ones would be out of a job.Is that clear enough?

S xx


We DO have a third set - or at least, the vestiges of them. Remember your wisdom teeth, that don’t come through 'til about 18, or perhaps even later, for some people? They were, or are, our third set. :wink:



my 10 yr old son said re the man that makes false ones!

ok tina,but why do we stop at 3 then? i had to get my wisdom teeth out-my mouth was too small would u believe?!

lol poll

thanks for replies so far but other than wet knickers…i still dont know why we cant.

ellie x

I don’t know if our ancestors used to have even more sets. But, chances are, they didn’t live long enough to need them. Living to be old enough for our teeth to wear out is probably quite a modern phenomenon, I woul have thought.



thanks tina.

ru suggesting they were eaten by mrsh’s crocodile?!

ellie x

Oh Ellie, come on…that was the dinosaurs !!!