Why no diagnosis

I am under investigation for MS at present. Im reading all your helpful and supportive posts but… what seems to be coming through is… its really hard to get a diagnosis. It appears to be a real battle to be listened too and even if MRI shows abnormalities, more are needed.

Why? Why is it so hard to be diagnosed? Id like to think its not so insurance companies dont have to pay off mortgages etc!!

hi jill

it is such difficult diagnosis to make because there are so many other things that it could be.

there is no reason at all for you not to be listened to.

if you feel that your treatment in this area was unsatisfactory, make a complaint to PALS.

i doubt that insurance companies have the power to over ride doctors re diagnosis.

although i know that they are tricksy blighters.

you’re going through a difficult diagnosis of a difficult disease and maybe you’re over thinking it all.

you sound like you’re stressing. please don’t.

stress just makes everything a lot worse, especially ms.

when it all gets too much, do deep breathing, blow out the out breath and you will find it calming.

in through the nose and blow out slowly.

carole x

Hi, diagnosis doesnt ALWAYS take eons to happen.

But there have been a lot of mistakes made when MS was blamed for lots of other conditions.

That`s what happened to me.

I was diagnosed with PPMS for a few years, before they decided I hav HSP!