Why Me??

ok if you can excuse the very flamboyant opener i need serious help here. Ok I was made redundant in March (you may even have seen my post about it). Now by bl00dy MS has kicked up a gear. When i walk (and believe my i try really hard to carry on as much as my legs will allow) I have since completed an ESA where my GP, instead of completing the form has just provided a photo copy od my last appointment with my MS nurse. That form was for my ESA as there is next to no work where i live. I cant be on my feet for say 5 mins but i need to sit down to let my legs recover. The blinking photo copy of my last appointment said i can walk 3500 steps. Which i true but no all in one go. That is through out the whole day!! So with being unemployed and applying for ESA could my car be taken off me as a result of that comment made by my MS nurse? Again the photocopy of the letter did not say the 3500 step was through out the whole day!!! I have letter form my hospital stating that i have MS and the awards will not be reassessed!!!

So to sum up, no job, potentially losing my motability car because of ESA any tips and advice to level my head as i can only see my whole life crumbling before my eyes. Oh and my working is getting worse, my wife hates it when i try to push myself too far (Ifall over quite a bit)

I have RRMS, I am in JSA, unemployed since late February. Also looking for work right now… being pregnant means that my chances are slim to find any work, and if I do, I would have to stop work in November. Have you thought of calling the MS helpline? They are super helpful. I have received legal advice, advice about benefits, etc from them. :ok_hand:

Reach out to me if you just need a listening ear.

Best regards

Cheeers Maria, will get onto it tomorrow. Hope you also get a bit of good luck