Why I love Linux for accessibility.

I’m running Kubuntu 11.04 64 bit on my computer.

It has wonderful accessibility. For example: I no longer have to click the mouse or indeed - I have no need for a mouse. Kmouse (small program); has turned the numeric keypad on my keyboard into a mouse. When the mouse icon stops it then automatically clicks the web page or link or program I want to run. All customizable in terms of seconds before clicking etc… I can right click too. You can enable audio for the click or disable.

There are lots of other accessibility features and programs available in the “repository” (vast online database of virus free programs that are free of charge to anyone)

I can control the volume of audio or brightness of the screen from keyboard commands (not available in windows). I don’t have to worry about viruses as Linux is highly respected amongst all coders and so left alone (unlike windows). No need for anti virus software or security software as everything is password protected anyway. (recent windows 7 tried to emulate).

Kubuntu is free and worked on and updated every month by people who just love computers and want them to be as accessible and fun to use as possible. It also looks amazing and there are other distros (versions) you can also have a look at. You don’t even have to install them to try them first as a live cd can be run from your boot options.

The best coders in the world work for Linux. Business such as Google and IBM use linux in their workstations and servers as it is renowned for its stability and security.

So why not do some research and find out if you want to evolve your computing experience from win-doze?

Kubuntu is free but they ask everyone to contribute what they can afford and their is no compunction to do so. I do - because I love it so much. You can even run approved windows programs within Linux - using a program called: wine.

A massive database of knowledge is available in the forums of every linux version and people are always ready to help. So - if you find win-doze a little one dimensional. Maybe it could be your time to start researching and learning something new and infinitely better? Just an idea.

All the best.

Hi Robert,
I’m about to start getting my head around Dragon dictate for Mac.
Hopefully I’ll have the energy to respond more fully to your post.
Best wishes

I have been using Ubuntu & Linux based PCs for several years at home, I have never found a problem that cannot be resolved.
I have recovered data from corrupted disks, edited music and videos and created/ edited static graphic.

I have converted several users and got old or slow computers running smoothly again using Ubuntu.

The accessibility options have recently enabled an elderly relative to keep in touch with friends and family in remote countries who they were previously unable to communicate with.

Its all safe, secure and best of all free.

Try it from the a disc, if you like it, you can install and run it alongside your existing Windows system while you make up your mind.

One caveat: You will need a broadband connection.