Why does the body not reproduce/repair myelin?

Ok, I know this is a very obvious and simple question. Yeah, it’s been asked a million times before, right? …but for all the reading I have done about MS recently I haven’t actually seen any posts where this question is asked outright or even explained in any MS info.

It’s a very basic question, I know, but why do we not repair our own damaged nerve sheath?

The body does - or at least, it tries. However, the repairs are imperfect - they leave scars. Eventually, the cumulative damage appears to overwhelm the body’s natural ability to repair. Tina

Hi, I think part of the reason is that your own immune system sees the damage as a foreign body and attacks it, so it doesn’t get a chance to heal.

I personally think that’s why the fatigue kicks in… same as when you’ve got flu… your poor immune system is in ‘battle mode’ and it’s exhausting.

Pat x

Ah right, scars yes, you can’t repair a scar. And the body attacks it’s own immune system (vice versa). What a pig of a disease!