Why do some women.....

… feel they have the right to speak on behalf of all other women. The former wife/partner of a successful business-man claiming £2M from him although they parted 25 years ago says she is doing it …‘so that all women feel empowered’

… refer to each other as being ‘strong’ … begs the question if some women are ‘strong’ then where are the ‘weak’ ones.

… tell each other they are ‘beautiful’ on the inside as well as ‘beautiful’ on the outside - tad patronising.

Tin Hat time??

no you don’t need protective headgear.

the same things annoy me too.

silly bi***s!

From what l read about this relationship - the ex-wife - although divorced from the chap for many years, she did raise their child on her own - with no support from the father. As he has made a fortune in later life - l still think she is within her rights to make a claim against him for a portion of his wealth - albeit it seems to be peanuts compared to what he is worth. They lived like ‘new age’ travellers when they first met.

Yes, l think women should be empowered by this. And he should be made to take responsibility for his offspring.

Same as men - yes some are strong and some are weak. How awful if we were all the same.

We certainly do not get treated equally to men - especially in the workplace.

When you say he is a successful business man - yes he is - he was in the right place at the right time. He saw at music festivals how much litter was left behind. And soon made his fortune by getting a team together to clear it up. [l would like to know where he dumped the rubbish!] And his empire grew from there.

He bought a derelict farmhouse and land - which he made into a ‘castle’ without planning permission. So as the planners could not see what he had built - he then built a giant straw stack around it. So from any side it looked just like giant bales of straw.

l expect many of you remember seeing it on one of the tele series. He is a bit of a ‘maverick’ - and you do have to admire his cheek. He is not shy about showing the world his wealth - so l can understand why the ex and their son thought - ‘why can we not have some of that’.

lf the boot was on the other foot - and he had to bring up his son by himself whilst the wife made a fortune - what’s the betting he would have done the same. Although, l expect he would not have needed to as his ex-wife would have had the decency to help him out.


Because they aren’t terribly bright, most likely. Same reason that some men feel they have the right to speak (uninvited) on behalf of all other men.




perhaps ur question should be why do some humans…

we are all different!

i am aware thats stating the obvious but do we really accept that?!

ellie (pass me ur tin hat please!)

just saw ur reply alison lol!

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don’t forget those (thankfully ever rarer) delightful men who believe that they should speak for the ‘little woman’!

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