Why do I always get offered appointments with my neurologist in the week I have holiday booked?

The question is is the title really (and I’m not complaining - celebrating really). In the last three years I have been offered three appointments with my neuro (the one who supposedly oversees my Tysabri) which were in the middle of a pre-booked holiday. One appointment (August 2011) my long suffering husband drove me back from Cornwall to the Midlands for. One appointment (August 2012) was postponed by me, then moved by the hospital, then cancelled by the hospital. I have just left a message saying I cannot make this appointment (August 2013). I guess it’s just coincidental clustering. I’d prefer not to see him anyway, since I see a really good neuro in London. Presumably it’s too much to hope that we’ll do the postpone-postpone-cancel thing again.

Oh dear, they don’t make anything easy for you do they!

This week, I’m guessing the hospital thought it was helpful BUT I see 2 consultants 30 minutes apart on Weds. I called and was told it was only a few minutes walk beween the 2 departments, I said yes, I’m aware of that but there are always delays… so if I tell them when I book in, outpatients 1 will tell outpatients 2 that we are running late.

So I suppose it’s not my problem but I’m a bit miffed that I’ll probably be at the hospital for ages, ON MY BIRTHDAY! lol

Sonia x

I’ve had an appointment through today for next year. I only went last week so was surprised it came so soon and the date…is my little boys birthday. It’s an early one so would have to miss him opening his gifts so am going to try to postpone if i can. Of all the days… Teresa.x