Why did the neuro ask for these tests?

As I was leaving my appointment the nurse handed me a list of blood tests, so I didn’t get a chance to ask. I have demyelination and they have asked for CRP, lupus and 10 autoimmune checks. I already have autoimmune hypothyroidism and Raynauds but that isn’t responsible. He knew I had demyelination 3 months ago so don’t understand why just checking as i could of had my results at the appointment and my next appointment is in a year.

Hi there,

Not sure I’ve understood the question.

Are you asking why did he order these tests at all, or why didn’t he order them earlier?

My understanding is that these are normal things to check, when someone has, or is suspected of having, inflammation of the central nervous system.

MS is a diagnosis of exclusion, which means it can only be diagnosed when alternative explanations have been ruled out.

These blood tests are looking for “alternative explanations”.

As to why he didn’t order them as soon as he knew you demyelination, or even sooner, at the same time he ordered your scans: I’ve no idea.

Possibly an oversight, or possibly he just has a set order he likes to investigate things, and doesn’t do the blood tests first. Who knows?

It’s certainly normal to have blood tests, though. I was tested for more than 100 things - I only know what a fraction of them were.


Thanks. That answered both questions!


CRP measures if you have any infections going on.

Lupus and MS are very similar but Lupus can be detected from a blood test.

They give you lots of blood tests including an ESR which also tells if you have any infections.

Most of the blood tests just means they are ruling out possibilties, so don’t worry.

Hope this helps.