why did i bother !!

after 9 days of being in bed after this bad throat infection i decided it was time i got washed and dressed. These days my normal daytime clothes are lounge pants and a t shirt…i dont know why but i think its important that i stick to this routine, so around 8 each morning this is what i do, i have a strip wash too if i cant manage the shower that day.

i wish i hadnt botherd though this morning… i feel so bl***y exhausted,and annoyed with myself too, i suppose i feel as though i am ‘giving in’ if i dont at least try.

J x

Hi J, I don’t think you should see it as ‘giving in’. Well if it is giving in then I give in most days. I really only get dressed if someone is coming (and actually it depends who is coming…I don’t get dressed for everyone), or if I’m going out (once in a blue moon!).

I think it’s a case of making life as easy as possible. Living with MS is tough…very tough…and esp for you as you have been SO unwell.

So I think you should let go of the ‘giving in’ feeling. Remember, the more you fight MS, the more it fights back.

One very useful tip I have is wearing maxi dresses. I’ve bought a bunch of these over the past few years. They are really comfy to sleep in and if I want to look ‘dressed’ in the morning I just have to pull on a cardigan.

You could use the same tip with lounge pants and t-shirt. Sleep in them and then next morning you will look dressed!

Work at making life as easy as possible, and ‘getting dressed’ makes life hard.

Of course washing and showers have to be done. Like you I tend to strip wash when I’m too tired to shower, and even then I do the ‘important bits’ …ie under arms and between legs & forget the rest. Also I find wet wipes help if I’m too tired to even wash.

Hope this helps, thinking of you,

Pat xx


Hi Pat, thanks for the tips, i have been using wet wipes while i was too ill to even get a wash,they are very handy things, i use them for cleaning too.

i just have it in my head,that i should try to wear my ‘day’ clothes,they are very much like pjs anyway,i suppose old habits die hard.this is the longest i have ever gone without washing my hair too, i have been using ‘dry’ shampoo which has been a great help,i used to shower and wash my hair my every day,i am just going to have get used to it.

J x


Hello Mrs J.

Somewhere in the depths of my wallet is a driving licence. It’s there but I never use it. The wardrobe has many fine garments awaiting my perusal and selection, but they will be rarely worn. I have spent a small fortune equipping the kitchen with good quality utensils. Bing goes the microwave. Such are the signs of the ever encroaching beast. Accepting it is particularly tough. Sometimes I see myself as little more than the family gimp sitting in the corner grunting away. I’m lucky if I get my trousers on before midday. Sometimes they will sit alongside me and remain unworn.

I try not to measure the efforts I make too much. The biggest triumph is getting up. I try just being happy with myself. Anything else is a bonus.

Best wishes, Steve x.


J like the others I think you’re being a little hard on yourself. You’ve had a really nasty infection, not a little cough, and you have ms. It can take weeks to get over an infection like that in someone healthy. Please give your poor body time to heal, and accept that it’ll take time.

I must agree with you both in that wet wipes and dry shampoo are necessities for those days where any effort is exhausting. And I also love the jogging pants and sweatshirt look. I have some nice clothes but this is my most common attire. I’ve never thought to sleep in them but many of my pj’s look very similar and I like to have at least one pyjama day a week. Anyone daring to disrupt this does so at their peril.

Take care J and rest, if it takes so much effort then it’s not healthy.

Cath x


Over the years, whether I`ve been a size 10 or a size 22, my best frock has always been my nightie!



Thanks Steve,cath.Poll,i am too hard on myself, i am a very impatient type of person,i think i should get better quicker,i dont like myself myself being like this,but when its your nature its hard to change isnt it?

i am trying i really am,i am resting i am in bed all day,only getting up to go to the bathroom.just wish i could feel a little bit better.

J x

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Mine too.

Mine too.


hi .you are being hard on yourself ms makes any illness twice as hard to get over. hope you feel better soon

Hi Mrs J

Saying “giving in” is being way too hard on yourself, this MS malarkey is bloody difficult to deal with on its own, but you have had a nasty infection on top, so anything that makes it a little easier is a good move.

You can’t fight MS, the harder you try, the more it bites, so listen to your body Mrs J and don’t push it.

I agree with the others…wet wipes can be a godsend, take care.

Pam x

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Take time to be poorly, it’s permitted. One foot at a time and remember to breath! This seems to be my catch phrase at the moment OH! did I mention chocolate? Any sweetie that you suck OR honey and lemon Strepsils. Be good to yourself M x


XXX MrsJ don’t beat yourself up over it, here I am writing this at 2am. Having slept for twenty hours straight. Infections can really knock us sideways and with a already weakened immune system we need to use what little energy we have on getting better. If that means not getting dressed or showered I say good it means your going to get better even faster smelly armpits will make you WANT to get up and go shower. Who your doing it for anyways I used to always be in a suit now it’s joggers and tee shirts, I can’t do buttons on shirts and it took me 15 minutes on a tie recently when going to a funeral. The woman who died would have laughed at my efforts she always ribbed me about everything and me her. She wouldn’t have cared if I had gone in my boxers and a dirty cardigan. But I got dressed for others to see me.

Go steady and put your efforts into getting better.

Lots of love from Margate. XXX Don

Thanks pam, yep i would be lost without wet wipes too.use them for cleaning too. lol

J x

yes lots of chocolate helps me lol.

J x

Thanks Don

J x

Thank you

J x