Why can't I cool down?

Hi Good Morning, I hope you are all doing ok?

I am walking my son to and from school on a two mile round trip in the mornings and It’s going better now my body’s adjusting. We walk at a slow-ish speed (little legs don’t do fast mode!) and I only wear a single layer of clothing, but by the time i get to the school I look and feel flushed, am dripping with sweat and am a bit shaky.

I never used to sweat like this…is it possible it’s a MS thing? Even when i get home it takes me a good hour to get back to normal. I get in the front door and have to strip as nothing cools me down - much to the amusement of my younger son!

Anybody else have trouble with this?

Thanks, Laura x

Hi Laura

Deffo a MS thing I would say. I have suffered from heat intolerence for 8 years now. Was one of my first symptom and I have 2 air conditioning machines at home.

The professional term for this is connected to Uhthoff’s phenomenon.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your suggestions, does sound like they could help. Will have a look at Amazon. It’s so embarrassing turning up in the playground like I’ve run a marathon! Lx Ps) if your mum would like to make us all a cooling scarf, I’m sure we’d all appreciate it! Lol

Hi Shazzie, Thanks for that, good to know I’m not alone! Will google that. Might have to invest in an air-con unit, might help me dry off! Lx

I couldn’t live without mine. I know that. Especially when the weather was really hot the other week.

Good luck L

Shazzie xx