why are you here?

Hi all, I saw a neurologist yesterday whose opening words were " why are you here". I don’t mean this as a “tell me in your own words” way! He really didn’t want to see me! Strange as I was referred to him as he is a specialist. The short story is that I was on baclofen, swapped to tizinidine as baclofen was making me dopy. Now at full dosage but have been found to have very low blood pressure - probably due to med. MS nurse isnt sure what is best to do and wanted consultant to decide…Reallity is that I can walk a bit because med reduces spasticity. Less med (higher blood pressure) means more spasticity and this will make walking more difficult! Hoping to manage pain by taking more gabapentin.Is it too much to hope for that a consultant would show a little more compassion and understanding? I was feeling concerned about the implications of reducing the med and now I feel grumpy about the consulantant’s attitude! Rant done…feel slightly better…

Some consultants sure could do with working on their ‘bedside manner’! My neurologist is lovely, but I have come across some horrid consultants previously. Such a shame since it limits how good they are for you.

The neurologist I saw whilst in hospital had no bedside manner at all. Considering it was incredibly scary for me as I had no idea what was going on, you would have thought he could have been nicer. I’m sorry you have found another one that needs basic people training! I hope you don’t mind me asking as I am very new to this but I think I need a drug for spasticity as well as the high dose of gaberpentin I am on. Is that what the drugs you mention above are for? I also have naturally low blood pressure. I don’t know who to ask though as my Gp isn’t an expert and I have no idea when I will see the neurologist at the outpatient clinic.