Why am I so tired?

Hi, Started off this morning feeling great. Weather cooler, humidity down, thought I was all set for a good day. Chopped a few veg about 2.30pm, sat down and now not sure I can finish off. Totally knackered. Heather

I’m famous for starting jobs because I feel great, only to abandon them after a short while when I become knackered.

I can empty a cupboard to tidy it out but it might be a week or more before I can summon up the ginger to put things back. Really I should leave things alone but my spirit is willing even though the darn body is weak!

l have been taking NOW lnstant Energy B12 - 2000mcg - l use it late morning before l start flagging. Do not take it at night as you will never sleep.

Hi spacejacket this sounds good but my nearest boots don’t have this just B12 slow release capsules, I imagine this would be the same?

l get all of my vitamin supplements via amazon - online. They are much cheaper then the chemists - and usually free p&p and delivered within a couple of days.

A years supply of vitamin d3 5.000ius or 10.000ius is about £15

The B12 comes in all sorts of types. methylcobalamin sublingual the best sort.

The NOW lnstant Energy B12 is a combination of all B vits plus other vits/minerals

Just google it in and the amazon uk site will come up.

Thanks. Will give it a try.

I have often had fatigue and assumed it was MS related.It turned out each time that I was anaemic.It might be worth checking out.

It’s not anaemia as I’ve had blood tests.

Spacejacket, I have just ordered some NOW Instant Energy - sounds like just what I need.

google ‘Could it be B12’ an epidemic of misdiagnosis and also look for Dr Chandy’s site about B12. There was a very good BBC2 programme about him. Lots of meds destroy the bodies B12 - Omeprazole type meds being one. This is a med given to many elderly - and they need B12- as a deficiency can cause loss of memory/dementia.