Who would you pet vote for? obviously a silly queston

Hi folks

Whilst listening to the Labour election results and getting swept up with the excitement. (I am on my own today and not feeling good with yet another UTI) and was talking to the cat (like you do) watching him gobble down his Go Cat and asked him who he’d vote for. I reckon he’d probably vote for UKIP, as he likes hunting and doesn’t like foreigners in his garden.

Got me thinking who would other people’s pets vote for? Daft question but I was quite serious about it for some time.

Wendy x

lol, well my 3 legged spaniel wouldn’t be boting for IDS :wink:

Thanks for your reply JanetV, I think most pets and owners would be happy to see IDS out of a job.

Wendy x

I’m afraid to say that I think my cat is a bit right wing - he’d definitely be against foreign cats coming over here and stealing all his mice. He also sees himself as a member of the ruling class, and his subordinates (ie us, his servants) should always be available to do his bidding. I can’t see that he’d have voted for Corbyn!! He’s more of a UKIP cat along with yours Wendy.


Yes Sue, cats do seem to be on the right wing side of politics. I might vote for Corbyn but I doubt if the cat would.

Wendy x