who spends most of their time on their behind?

Afternoon guys!

Anyone been out battling this Panic Saturday?

I asked hubby to take e to Matalan for some leggings…whoaaaaa…the answer was,


So maybe Monday he said.

Re my post`s title, do a lot of us spend almost 24/7 on our bums?

I sit, in wheelchair, in recliner, on t`commode. I lie in bed on my back, on my left side and again on my back with 1 leg bent at the knee.

But it`s back to me back again.

I would truly love to stand…oh and walk…oooo what a wish!

Due to my ample bulk, I have my own padding against pressure sores. From what hear of them, they are terrifying!

Carers put plenty of barrier cream on said botty!

Different subject, but common one

…oh I am so chuffin` bored!!!


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Yes, I do! And I’m not even what most people would call disabled.

But then, isn’t that true of a lot of healthy people, too? How many jobs are 35 or 40 hours a week, sitting at a desk?

I’ve been out three times this week (blimey - that’s almost a record!). Once was sitting in a lecture hall all afternoon, once was in a pub all afternoon, and only today have I actually been on my feet and braved the crowds - and boy, am I paying for it now!

It didn’t help that I totally screwed up with the “new” bus times - which are now only every 90 minutes. Despite checking the timetable, I somehow must have misread it or something (perhaps we’re back to the glasses again!), and found I’d missed the bus home by five minutes - leaving 85 minutes 'til the next one.

It was made worse by the fact that, believing I was in plenty of time, I’d had a sit down for a rest on the way to the bus stop. Had I pressed on regardless, I would not have lost that five minutes, and so not missed the bus I didn’t realise was due!

I couldn’t face a whole extra 85 minutes up there (even if I went somewhere for coffee) waiting for another bus. So I had no choice but to get a different bus that doesn’t really come anywhere near my house - and walk the difference - with the heavy shopping!

Now I have aches & cramps all over, and am drinking strong coffee (but thinking strong liquor would be better), and popping pills! I’ve even got cramp in my boobs - aka pectoral cramps - to do with carrying the bags.


Oh, and I got soaked as well.

Lovely, eh?

If it’s a choice between that lot, and sitting on my bum, I think sitting on my bum wins the next time!



Oh yes poll, bored of arseing about-literally-I do try and get out, but on scooter or wheelie or car. My right foot bloody sore at mo also so standing or slow waddling seems painful. Loads to do and relying on other people which is down right frustrating. Sit, lie down, beached whale turning over with support from this, that or the other…it’s all just so tedious

gonna go and hide in a darkened room. Any jokes to ease the bumming about? Maybe I’m being selfish as I know there are many worse off, but I do miss real independence, walking out of rooms, doing things at my pace not others. Moan, moan moan, sorry not that bad xx

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Oh and Tina, hope you recovered a little. You set off and things are just buggers sometimes x

My behind is getting ever broader, and it’s not just due to the season of the Quality Street. It’s also cos I spend most of my time / all of my time on it. I can’t walk at all at the moment due to hip pain plus relapse. And I’m also staying away from infection because of low lymphocytes plus steroids. So I haven’t even left the house for nearly 2 weeks! Lovely husband has braved shops to stock up Xmas gifts and food etc.

In a minute I shall heave myself off the settee and move to the bedroom where I shall recline, rest (!) and read for a couple of hours.

Then later I’ll haul myself off the bed, back into the wheelchair and into the kitchen where I shall supervise the making of the dinner. Then have a pre dinner glass of wine while the pasta sauce cooks and we listen to the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show on radio 6 (a highlight of the week!) Eat dinner then sit a bit more before retiring to bed.

All I do is move from sitting position to sitting position to laying position.

It’s all go in my house!!


I spend most of my days on my back,propped up,tv on, reading or on my laptop, just getting up when i need to.

my partners just had his hip replaced and i have had to try to do more,my minds willing but my body is saying no.

J x

I knew I wouldnt be alone in my bum complaints.

Tina, what a day for you! 90 minutes twixt buses…chuffin eck to that!

I guess I should be (and indeed am) grateful that I dont have to push, shove and throw myself at the shops, with all the crowds. Carer tells me half the things she wanted for her boys, are all sold out…she sees to me and another 2 clients, walks her border collie, cooks, cleans, entertains her new hubby (mmm), goes swimming with the lads and everything else that elbows it`s way into her daily life.

And here I continue to sit…with hours to spare, if only I could give her some time for herself.

Keep warm guys!

luv Pollx