Who knows best

Hello again.

I’m fed up of the “I know best” mentality. Some people try to simplify aspects of our very complex condition; you know, pigeon hole things.

Some of my thoughts if you wish to read them

Best wishes

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At the age of 47, I’d happily wear any of those t-shirts as I feel the sentiment(s).

When I was diagnosed and at various points since, my Mum has reminded me how lucky I am to have done so much but I still feel like there’s so much more I could/should’ve done if I’d known MS was around the corner. I’ve spent a lot of time reminiscing and yes, I’ve been very lucky but a tenderfoot is what we all still feel like so often I hope that makes sense, I’m tired and it’s late so know I’ll forget, if I intend to reply tomorrow

Sonia x


Steve I feel your sentiments…dont let anyone underestimate you , I feel the pain too. I don’t want to be put in a box or felt sorry for or patronized , unfortunately it happens my life has taken me to different places than yours I’ve had seven babies all wonderful young people …so many adventures and I’ve learned such a lot from them …compassion empathy and never giving up…not ever . I hate the fact that I got ill but it’s another part of life’s tapestry and I’m determined to live it as best as I can and have as much fun as I can and break all the rules along the way. I tend to think “why not ?” Instead of “you cant”. I’m on a mission to save the world …my world meaning the people I love most of all . I think my gorgeous Grandaughters are autistic…dam another bomb shell . Sadly I know too much , and Rochelle was a senco so she knows too. But Why not …im determine they will have a brilliant life we"'ll make it happen . I’ve gone off the subject Steve but your blog made me think, a few days ago a well meaning friend hinted that perhaps I could do things better ,maybe be more consistent with Molly …get control…perhaps make her normal…i felt hurt and angry and like a lioness…how dare they …the words " teaching granny to suck eggs " came into my mind. Never give up Steve don’t let them patronize you . Michelle and Frazer xx

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