Who do I contact?

I have SPMS and o n Tuesday was told by nurse I had aa UTI and given 3 days of antibiotics. On Wednesday (yesterday) I was vomiting, had pain in one side of head and couldn’t get out of bed. When I tried to get to bathroom, I couldn’t get there or get back into bed without trying for an hour.

Didn’t know who to call? M s nurse is on leave, button on wrist strap presumably only calls someone to get you off the floor, rang doctors, reception said would get doctor to ring but didnt, rang Gateway to care who tried to contact a social worker and couldnt. Didn’t feel emergency enough for ambulance.Who do you call in this situation? Hope will be better once antibiotics work.

Any help/cheerfulness to make me feel better appreciated


my reply wouldnt cheer you up so i will say nowt-except i totally get your frustration and hope you feel the benefit of anti b’s soon.

take care, ellie


Not sure if this is helpful but I would call the MS nurse number and ask them who you should chase for support.

If they fob you off , have a go at your GP or you can try social services and say that you are a vulnerable adult.

Good luck


ring 111. If your sick with pain in the head i would have got the doctor out. You could have been allergic to the antibiotics. always check your temperature as well. My doctor always told me to ring if i was vomiting with a UTI. the receptionist should have booked you for a visit.

Agreed. Pain in the head and inability to move - call an ambulance. Let them make the call on the level of emergency.