Who do I ask?

Hi I was dx 20 years ago and I have received very limited treatment so I self manage my ms. I have recently been referred to a physio who totally understands me and said she thinks I have moved from RRMS to secondary progressive. I have requested a new consultant to confirm and help me manage going forward. I take no meds. My question is

Fatigue, I have always managed this but I’m too tired to move out of my own way lately, what can you recommend to help?

Walking, I have had numb legs for about 10 years but lately they don’t appear strong enough to keep me standing, any suggestions for strengthening them?

I think I’m suffering with anxiety as my heart seems to race, seems to be in my mouth and feel like I’m in fight or flight mode. Is this a new symptom? I don’t feel I am anxious or any more worried about anything than normal.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

hi anonymous your physio should be able to help with strengthening your legs. do you have access to a rehab clinic? maybe your gp can refer you for a check up at your local hospital. check your heart and other vital organs. i feel a lot like you but i haven’t been told that i’m sp yet. so see your gp.

With regard to fatigue, try reading There are many fatigue management tips.

I agree with Carole, see your GP about your racing heart, it could be something that’s not MS related. As you’ve suggested, maybe anxiety.

Then again, it could be a kind of spasm / tremor type symptom. I started to feel like this when I laid in bed at night, it’s like an awareness of my heart beating that seems to be going faster (palpitations). Once I started to take Cloneazepam, it calmed down and I stopped feeling my heart rhythm.

Definitely get your physio to work out some exercises for your legs. Having said that, sometimes it’s just that the nerve impulse messages just aren’t getting through to the muscles. So try not to overdo the exercises, if the weakness is caused by dodgy nerve impulses, you might find yourself overdoing it and making either the fatigue or the leg weakness worse.


I think you should see your GP first and make sure your ok physically i.e. no isses with the old ticker. there is such a thing as Adrenile fatigue in MS its common in people with auto immune illnesses. I get it, and it just comes on all of a sudden like an aniexty attack weird and I feel exhausted. If i just rest and eat something i feel a little better, as AF can cause blood sugar to drop a bit.

however, that is me. You really should see your GP, then ask to be referred back to a nuero. thats my opinion for what it is worth. xx