White masses

Hi I found out on Friday that my MRI showed small white masses around my neck. I have severe tingling and loss of sensation in my left arm, with extreme pain in my left forearm and shoulder. I generally have pain in my back and a curvature at the top of my spine. I can deal with the back pain and have done for years. It’s when I get pain in my neck it becomes difficult. My neurologist is trying to get me in for a lumbar puncture before Christmas but could be as late as February. I’m ok with that though. I’ve had Lymes Disease before and the neurologist wants to double check that it has completely gone. I’m lucky as he seems thorough. I’ve thought for a long time that this stuff is in my head. Ironic that my head might be part of the problem! My family are scared and I’m usually the one providing support. I’ve never been scared of anything - being practical and having a sense of humour helps! I’m not ok with this though. I can’t see past the lumbar puncture but when I have fleeting thoughts about the future I start to panic. I know there is much support for MS. I just don’t know what a diagnosis means for me. I’m 26.