White Blindness

Hi, my doctor is 99% sure I have ms but I have not had a diagnosis. I have had RR ms for over 30 years but only getting worse in the past 4 years. I have all the symptoms of ms. What I have had in the past 5 weeks are episodes of white blindness which only lasts for about 7 seconds but is really scarey. At first I thought I was on fire and it was smoke, which is funny but after having a number of episodes, not so funny. Have any of you lovely people ever suffered with this?

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When you say ‘white blindness’ and thought it was smoke, just trying to figure out quite what you are seeing. Was it like fog had come down suddenly?

Yes, everything goes white all of a sudden, lasting around 5-8 seconds. It is really frightening, as you can imagine. At first I thought I was on fire, wafting away the smoke. And I would ask my husband did he see the smoke and he obviously didn’t. I have been to an eye specialist at the local hospital and everything looked fine. He is going to contact me again to have more tests. I am also waiting for the results of blood tests. I was hoping someone on here might have had a similar experience.

Yes I’ve had that a few times this last year. I’ve thought that it has suddenly gone foggy, which can happen where I live (near the sea). I do have dry eyes but not convinced that that is the cause because it would happen more frequently. I did have a burst of floaters in each eye a week apart, a year and a half ago - not detached retina thank goodness, just the age thing. And interestingly after my eyes were examined with the drops that open up the iris - as that was wearing off I had the fog thing a few times. I haven’t got a diagnosis - well, just that whatever I have is definitely neurological but they think is rare, so rare that it probably doesn’t have a name. My eye issue is just a very minor symptom and I’ve not even mentioned it to the neurologist.

Thank you so much for your message. It makes me feel so much better to hear somebody else has had this symptom. None of my friends or my Doctor or even the eye specialist have heard of it. Yes I too have lots of other symptoms of RRMS and know I have it. But after having the lumbar puncture and it didn’t show anything, I couldn’t get a diagnosis. I wonder if stress brought the fog situations on. Best wishes to you and thank you again. x