Which treatments are used [audit of frquencies]

Hello all

I wonder if anyone has a link or knowlledge of any audits that have been done to identify the most commonly used drugs in MS treatment. i am aware of some old ones from the USA but with all the newer drugs, these are out of date.

I would like to get a feel for how often the more powerful agents are being used - is it 1% or 10% of individuals with MS? Clearly most remain on the front line agents but is the % of IFN/glatiramer dropping quickly?

If anyone has knowledge of this I would be very grateful for a link or just some facts!

Much obliged.

i can only talk of my own treatment.

i was on copaxone (glatiramer) for 6 years.

my injection sites were a mess and therefore my ms nurse switched me to tecfidera.

(i had a choice of the oral therapies)

hope this helps