Which hospital???

Hi everyone, me again!

Some of you may have read my earlier post entitled 'where next?'

I was just starting this conversation because I would really like to know where people are going for their care/tests etc (diagnosed or waiting diagnosis/ in limbo) and if you have had a positive experience there, because I am looking for somewhere I can go to have my overall care taken charge of and work through my next steps with.

Many thanks, look forward to your replies


Hi Zoe, the nearest neuro centre for you is in upper kingston, yeovil,

referal should.come from to your neurological consultant who in turn will arrange the.necessary tests needed.for your dx.

Your in the.right place.for help and support although I’m probably not

the best person to.advise due to livin up norf.

Good luck sweetheart I know there are others here who are better

equipped to help you on your journey. Take care Zoe