Which do you prefer; 'should' be a no brainer....

Situation A);

It’s cold, wet, usually dark, often icy and snowy (in the sort of irritating sludgy way). You’ve just maxed out your credit card on needless stuff, for which you will receive scant recognition or appreciation at best. You have to force yourself to be cheery and sociable to people you don’t really want to be spending too much time with. Television just full of the usual repeats; any ‘new stuff’ you will have watched at the cinema or dvd a long time ago. You have nausea, bloating, have gone up a size in your clothing. It lasts for the best part of two weeks.

Sitation B);

It’s warmed up, the clocks have gone back, the evenings are drawing out and daffodils and other wild flowers create a sense of beauty. It’s a bank holiday weekend so you can do something as a family or with those you love and whose company you enjoy; maybe something outside now the weather is nice. No need to spend anything more than usual, beyond some chocolate eggs for the kids, possibly a nice pub lunch as well. Can sit around the table and talk excitedly about plans for the Summer. Then go back to work feeling refreshed, rested and positive.

…so kindly tell me, please, why do many seem to prefer A) to B)?

Or am I just plain weird for preferring Easter to Christmas?

Rant over.

I totally agree. If we get more Decembers this year, I am going to give up.

I agree with some of it. I love the challenge of buying things for close family and friends and spending a few days with them. We have rules about what we spend as none of us have money to waste. I buy bits throughout the year when I see things they’ll like.

We have very few people round, only some we like spending time with, and just relax playing triominoes and Ginny-O, and it’s lovely, we don’t go overboard. I don’t like crowds or lots of noise so I don’t go to parties with people I don’t like, so both Christmas and Easter are similar except for the weather but I love the twinkling lights and the fire on.

The carols in the supermarkets from November drive me mad because that screams “get your purse out and spend it all here”’ I feel very sorry for parents with youngsters who don’t understand why father Christmas didn’t bring the biggest bestest, newest gadgets, and their parents know they can’t afford them. No wonder so many end up in debt. The carols and decorations must be hell, no wonder there’s so much depression at this time of year. I have mixed feelings about it all.

Cath xx

Definitely easter Clucker! :slight_smile:

I’m quite looking forward to a very dysfunctional Christmas this year :wink: Christmas Day will be quiet, just me and my husband and we’ve booked somewhere nice for our Christmas dinner - so all very calm and civilised


My Mum’s house move has been delayed (she’s hoping to exchange this week) SO everyone is coming to mine on Boxing Day!

We have no dining table, my Mum’s a Coeliac, there will be at least 12 of us and 2 dogs (my sister that would have volunteered has a cat). Oh, and Hannah is home from Uni.

I’d love to say I can be the hostess with the mostest, but I am beyond clumsy! If I have the energy, I will attempt a GF something cakey. What can I say, my husband is a lifesaver and it’s no surprise that we all love him so much! Everyone will need to bring a chair and it will NOT be a formal affair!

I’m actually really looking forward to it now, hopefully it will just be fun and relaxed :wink: Hope everone else is planning something they’ll enjoy.

My only fear is that my 2 online shops of Xmas pressies are nowhere to be seen…

Sonia xx

Hi Sonia,

Sounds like a busy boxing day for you, I am sure everyone will muck in and you will all have a lovely time.

Pam x

Thanks Pam, it’s usually a bit bonkers with my family, I’m the eldest of 6 siblings (some adopted and with difficulties) so it is always fun that’s for sure! :wink:

It’ll be fun having everyone together, I’ve never done it before so I’m REALLY relieved that my husband volunteered to do it and he was the one that banned me from going in the kitchen if anything hot or sharp was involved.

Can you tell I’m a bit excited already?! :smiley:

Sonia xx

Sonia it sounds crazy but a lovely kind of disorganised. Your husband sounds like a saint, hold onto him but send me a single brother if he has one. Christmas is about family and you’re lucky to have a large one. Enjoy it.

Cath xx