Which country would be a good one to get an accurate diagnosis on ON and MS?

 Hello!! Firstly I'd like to apologise if i make any mistakes in English, so please bear with me. 
 I'm Xia and my brother has been diagnosed with  Optical Neuritis 2 years ago (which after manifesting once, has relapsed a year ago). We have done all kinds and all types of analyses and, here in my country, he has been suspected to have MS. Shockingly, the analyse that was made in another country says that he does not have it. This pretty much confused not only the doctors, but also us. So, for now, we have only treated him since we do not have a clear diagnosis. We are just hoping it will not be that bad.
 Lately we thought and reached out to diagnose him and treat him abroad, but we seem to have some problems in this area. We are not that well off, so we have to find a country in Europe that is both accessible and can provide an accurate diagnosis. For the moment we are torn between Turkey, Italy and Germany (although Germany is a bit expensive). 
 The question is, does anyone know which one would be a better choice? Did anyone get diagnosed in another country and got great results (if yes, in which country)? Were there any great doctors you met?
  Thank you a lot!! I hope here I will find more people who share the same experiences and that could maybe help me and my brother through this journey!! <3

H it took 22 years for me to be diagnosed with PPMS. Then I saw a great neurologist at The Walton Centre Liverpool, who diagnosed me in a few days.