Where to go from here 🤔

Hi, so I firstly @ my last neuro appointment July 2023. My Neuro told me that in October 23 I would have an MRI this would be my new baseline MRI and also I would not have any further DMT treatment based on my age, I am now 65 so 64 @ the time. He did say should I relapse I would of course be offered steroids etc. and he would review me in a year, so I got my appointment for July this year it was cancelled about months ago then a month later re-booked but for a different time same day heho. Fast forward to last month when having follow up bloods with ms nurse she informed me that my Neuro is over subscribed and not to take it personally if im moved to another neurologist. Then last Sunday I get another email saying my appointment has been cancelled again :upside_down_face: im just confused and to top it off he never requested MRI :upside_down_face: