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I’ve not posted here before and i dont really know why i am ,except to say that after spending along time reading through post’s on here i think you may understand my feeling’s about how frustrating things can seem. Over the past three years and two months,iv’e had some symptoms which are numbness,weakness down my left side,which adds a great effect to my balance issue.When i walk i tend to drift left,most of the time which isnt so bad but since iv’e started getting this weakness as well its not only that i drift but now i do this turn thing…lol…its like my body just swings and turns me, so instead of walking forward i start to do this unconrollable turn so i end up facing the wrong way…if that makes any sense…i can even achieve a full circle on somedays…lol.I have had muscle stiffness in my legs which makes walking normally a bit difficult,iv’e had feeling faint and dizziness and even some virtigo.Anyway i have had loads of differant symptoms at differant times but when i last saw my doctor i explained about an episode i had had, which was the balance and direction thing,which hit me one day and just kept happening,and she made me appointment to see a nuro,which i went to see,he sent me to have MRI of head and spine.So i went yesterday to have this MRI,but i could not do it,i tried a couple of times i just could not bare to have the collar thing and head thing on,and once inside the scanner i was even worse.So what do i do now…how can i over come this fear,i know its irrational and i know i need this scan,even if its to rule things out rather than in,im stuck.

Hello and welcome lulu,

the only way the neuro will be able to say what is wrong is if you have the mri. there are ways around this, you can keep your eyes shut, some even play music for you, lay back and remember with your eyes shut the best holiday you’ve ever had. you must, must tell the people who do the scan of your fears. i’ve had three mri’s, yes it’s noisey, but you have ear phones on so you can listen to a piece of music you love. as far as the collar imagine it’s a new fashion you’re trying out. you have to shut yourself off from what’s going on, it doesn’t take that long and then a dx can be reached. brace yourself and go for it. oh. and come back and tell us how it went. wishing you the very beast.



Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

MRI really is completely safe and there is absolutely no way that the scanner can collapse on you, but going into that tunnel is just too much for some people so, if you are very claustrophobic, it’s possible to get some valium or similar from your GP so you are nice and calm and don’t really care too much about what’s going on(!). It won’t affect the results and having the MRI will make things very much easier for the neuro to work out what’s going on - so he/she can help you.

If all else fails, they can use CT, but it isn’t as good as MRI :frowning:

Make a new scanning appointment and speak to your GP?

Karen x

oh my, i’m so sorry i meant i wish you the very best not beast. sorry.



Hello Lulu,

You have had the courage to share your fears on this forum - so believe you will be ok having the MRI scan.

I was very cautious about it at first. The thought of going into a ‘tunnel’ totally blew me out and I definately didn’t want to do it. I knew I had to have the scan … so I decided to do some personal ‘hypnotherapy’ and relaxation techniques.

I led on the trolley, closed my eyes and imagined I was on a beach listening to the waves of the sea. In my head I could hear the seagull flying over and even children laughing as they ran into the sea. This may seem strange - but it worked for me.

The scanner is fairly noisy so I changed those noises into something nice.

There are many, many alternatives you could use - just use your imagination. And, when you come out of the scanner you can pat yourself on the back!!

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi, I know in London they have MRI where you can sit down and its really big so you dont feel closed in but not sure of your location and normally its used for larger people who cant fit into the scanner.

I actually fell asleep on one MRI, 40 mins I kept day dreaming and making songs out the noises, I dont like being trapped or in tight spaces never had. And they can prescribe you something as mentioned to make you enjoy it more :slight_smile:

Be safe and good luck