Where to go from here ? Stuck in limbo

Nearly 2 years ago had my first attack 6 lesions on my brain diagnosed with cis mother has ms so told a big likelyhood of converting to ms but can’t diagnose yet Had mobility problems every since got from not Beeing able to walk to able to walk with just one stick and then out of the blue my leg stops working ( this is over 18 months since last attack ) leg felt like a dead weight bolted to the floor couldn’t lift it or kick So I thought ok this is bad but hopefully I will get a diagnoses and drugs to help but MRI shows no change so my neurologist says in not too many words it’s in my head I am soo upset I cannot work as can’t get about I just want the tag to my illness what do I do now I Just don’t know what to do :frowning: Rant over sorry everyone