sorry about this, I’m doing another post about this as I didn’t get a reply last time, I would really like to know how I find out, I’ve been placed in the BACK TO WORK ACTIVITY GROUP, its seems like most on here, and yes I’m appealing, I’ve even got a copy of my report, but I can’t find any where on this how many points I scored, please help, thanks, Jean x

When I recieved my report after appealing, one of the pages says Score from physical assessment

Only the first three did I manage to score anything at all


Oh jean, this is chuffin rediculous! I remember a while back when you were called to account.............you got yourself upset about the interview and you rang them. Didnt they tell you you shouldn`t have been sent for and not to go?

So dont these numpties know that your MS doesnt get better? WE really don`t need this kind of anxiety eh?

I dont know how you find out about your points. But I bet youre entitled to.

luv Pollx


The points should be on one of the sheets that the appeals team will send to you / have sent you. I will call them appeals team rather than numpties.

It may take a while to get a copy of the forms due to the volume of people appealing. 38% of people appealing got it ruled in their favour in December so I hope that you get what you are entitled to.

The ‘numpties’ are following a scoring system laid down by the government and have a very limited ability to change the scores unless further evidence can be provided in the appeal letter.

All the best


Hi Jean,

Unfortunately many disabled people are facing the same issue as you and discovering that the WRAG is not a fit place for a disabled person:


I would certainly appeal against this decision and use the information on the excellent Benefits and Work website:


And please sign ad share Pat’s Petition if you haven’t already done so which calls for the government to stop and review the impact the cuts are having on disabled people and their carers:


Please keep us updatedxxx