Where can I buy this wheelchair?

My 15year old boy has 2 physical presentations: A). Almost no tone and loss of swallow. Needs a largish very supportive wheelchair. B). Well toned, able to walk 20-50yards with support for balance. A bit over exitable and noisy.

Wheelchair service will only provide one wheelchair and we’ve chosen one for presentation A) but we managed to get them to add large self propellable wheels.

I am happy to buy one for presentation B). This post is not about getting services.

So I’m looking for a smaller one with the following features, in order of priority:

Manual - Self propelling

Variable attendant brakes (so hub/disc and not a cable to the rim brakes)

Front and rear suspension

Foldable enough for air-travel

tilt OR reclinable

Cool colour would be great

So far I haven’t found this combination and would appreciate all help with tracking one down.

Many thanks