Where are PIP tribunals held?

I’m getting ahead of myself here - I’m still on the phone assessment stage but if it goes to a tribunal will it be on a major bus route? Will it be in the same county that I live in (Notts). I have no one who could take me, my husband doesn’t drive, we don’t own a car, my parents are both passed away and all my other family and close friends live over 100 miles away. I hope I am worrying about nothing. Even to another part of Nottingham I could be looking at £100 taxi fare. Thanks for listening to what I hope is a needless worry.

Yes, definitely getting ahead of yourself. Just focus on each stage.

If you don’t get an award, there is an appeals process. I believe you have to go through mandatory consideration first. Only after that if their decision doesn’t change do you go to tribunal.

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Thank you. I will just concentrate on what I will say at the telephone assessment