When will it be....

When will it be LESS than 10 - 15 years! ‘Research Matters’ January/February 2014 page 9, Myelin Repair **'Although small trials will start soon, he (Professor Robin Franklin) pointed out that we are still in the early stages of moving laboratory developments into the clinic and it may be 10 - 15 years… **Just as well that we have each otherTake care M

Hi M

Yes, it is a good job we have one another, there seems to be nothing else.

Hope your sister is improving, and that you and your family are ok. More rain here, no end to it in sight yet, take care.

Pam x

It does seem to have been 10 - 15 years since I was dx… nearly 6 years ago!!! Yes we have each other thank goodness! Hope you’re doing well M… and also your sister. Pat xx :wink:

I went to see my sister yesterday afternoon in the Acute stroke unit, I found it more distressing than the last visit! She seems much the same (I know it’s a long haul) BUT it’s the bowel problem that is getting her down. I realise they are busy but she is not being changed often enough! What to do? If a baby developed this sort of nappy rash, it would be neglect. Many thanks for being there guys it is much appreciated M When does the 10 - 15 years start to count down?

Oh bloody hell M, that has got to be difficult It’s tough enough having a loved one in hospital… I remember visiting my sister after sudden surgery and I had to ‘nip to the loo’ just to compose myself!


As for the 10-15 years,I still feel like I’m waiting for that to start?! It’s all so vague

Sonia xx

Oh M that is awful… sorry didn’t answer sooner… don’t know how I missed this one. Is it worth complaining do you think? I mean with so many complaints at the moment (and leaving patients who need changing is a very common complaint) it might be worth saying something. On other hand I know how difficult it is and sometimes complaining makes matters worse. It’s a hard one hon. Oh for the days when the ward sister would go nuts if anyone was left like that! There’s a lot of those good practices gone. It seems like nobody is allowed to be boss any more! Remember how it used to be when Matron did her rounds?! Thinking of you M. What a good sister you are hon. Pat xx :slight_smile:

Thats awful M, we so need Matron back, would never have been allowed to happen in her day. Pam x

As a newly retired nurse I actually still feel embarrassed that nurses are allowing that too happen. I know how busy they are, I feel for them but it’s not acceptable to let that happen. That is putting your sister at risk and needs to be reported. You need to write a complaint as they can’t fob you off if it’s in writing. Sorry, that sounds bossy but I feel really passionately about care. Please follow it up, it’s damaging to your sister’s health both physically as she’s at risk of skin breakdown and infection, but her dignity will be affected which will lead to low mood, lack of confidence and self esteem and will make her less likely to fight and work towards a good recovery. Oh I get so angry with poor levels of basic care. I might have been a nurse but I always made sure I did as much basic care as the carers did and they all appreciated me for that, both staff and patients.

I hope your sister gets stronger and please help her by putting your concerns in writing. Take care

Cath xx

Your poor sister M - that shouldn’t happen at all! It is so tough for her and for her family to witness. Hope things improve for her soon. I’m sure she appreciates your love and care! Keep at it! Teresa xx

I’m so sorry M… for both you and your sister. I do hope things are better when you next visit. Everyone is so right…bring back matron! Look after yourself as best as you can, Nina xx