When to go to hospital??

Hello everyone,

Please could I ask some advice? My Wife was DX in Jan and has declined rather rapidly, the Neuro sent a letter saying he thinks its progressive MS as aposed to his first DX of RR, my question is, and please excuse my ignorance, she has been gradually getting more and more fatigued this week, despite being off work, today she has slept solidly for seven hours since getting up at eight this morning, all this on the sofa with our puppies jumping on her! She woke up long enough to eat her dinner, she stated that she didnt feel ‘quite right’ and has now gone to bed.

I have to admit I am worried sick, do i call for help? Can they do anything if I do? She NEVER complain’s, much less tell’s me she is ‘not quite right’ , do I call for help? I am at a loss?

Thank you for reading

Hi, unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot they can do if you take your wife to hospital. I’m sorry to say that this is how bad fatigue can be sometimes. It can be AWFUL.

However it might help to chat to someone just to be sure so I suggest you call the MSS Helpline which I have copied underneath.

The best thing you can do is makes sure she eats regularly and drinks liquid and let her rest and sleep as much as she needs. It will hopefully pass in day or two. I also have primary progressive MS and fatigue can be very bad but does have ‘good’ times and ‘bad’ times. If she has been particularly stressed recently that can add to the fatigue.

Hope this helps… number below… call them, they are very friendly and will advise you.

Pat x

0808 800 8000

Thank you so very much for your reply, its so hard to know what to do for the best.

I truly apreciate your advice


I think you being there and obviously caring for and loving your wife is exactly the right thing to do.

Another thought though… if she has bladder problems is possible she might have a UTI (bladder infection) which would make her feel extra tired and unwell. One symptom that might show it’s a UTI is burning sensation when she passes water.

If she’s still like this on Monday I suggest you call GP just to be on safe side.

Take care and I hope she feels much better soon.

Pat x

When one has MS is important not to blame everything on the MS and miss what might be something else entirely but I don’t think that is the case here.

It sounds like fatigue. Perhaps your wife has something really simple like a small infection that a healthy person would just fight off. I recently had a low level chest infection and was so weak that I couldn’t even get out of bed, I was really poorly for 2 weeks. My mum (who’s 84) caught it and was well again in 2 days!

I agree with Pat – this is not an emergency and the hospital would do nothing. If things don’t pick up by tomorrow – get the GP out. They probably wont be able to do anything either but your mind will be put at rest


How are things today?