When to contact MS nurse?

I am not sure if I should contact my MS nurse.

I have had a few “funny” symptoms in the past week.

My head feels heavier than normal, a strange feeling when I move it. Not dizzy but strange.

On Sunday I did some heavy gardening, cutting down a large heavy bush.
After my arms felt heavy, I needed two hands to get a glass of water. But I was fine 3 hours later.

I still have my first symptom, a slight sensation change in face.

If in doubt, contact them. They can’t be of any help if they don’t know about it. You know your own body the best, and if it feels out-of-the-ordinary to you, then chances are, you’re right.

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You can call the MS nurses anytime. I think it’s important to report to them. Yet, I am not sure about your symptoms although I am not a specialist. The way I understand it, a flare up would be new symptoms lasting 24 hours or more. Not sure though. Anyone? In any case, I think that the MS nurse is always available and happy to help.

It makes no difference to me whether I contact the MS Nurse Service in Fife or not. I can easily read the wide selection of pamphlets have online and save myself the hassle.

Ive never experienced anything remotely supportive from that service here, but I hope you have a more effective support syatem than we do.