When MS invades you world

Today is just another day" Just another day when "MS when it invades your world"… sure someone said that! or something like that, well today I woke from my lovely comfortable electric bed (sorry for those that don’t have one but I would definitely recommend it). Read more:

Sorry my mistake should have read:

Those brain lessions again!

Great blog AL,

Had a brain lesion day myself. Was doing online Christmas shopping but it kept declining my card. So I phoned the bank to be told they were doing a fraud check. They asked a few security questions. I apparently got one wrong so have to go into bank with photo ID to unblock it. Thankfully my husband has a couple of days off next week so he can take me. What a palaver!!! Knowing my luck they will think I am one suspicious character and won’t unblock it. So I have no money until I can get this sorted out and I have still no idea what question I got wrong. I blame the ms. Also my tumble drier had finished so asked my husband to switch it off but could not remember what it was called and got so frustrated I yelled a few not so nice words at him, so now I feel really bad.

I just knew when I got up today it was going to be a bad one. My brain felt it was going into overdrive I had so much stuff going round it and nothing was making sense. Am I going mad?

Mags xx

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Great Article AL

Mags I was on phone to my brother earlier today we both forget stuff and struggle for words but luckily the other one can always answer for come to the rescue

XX Don