what's wrong with me

Hello everyone I really need help and advise I’ve been getting chronic headaches everyday for a year now my legs go numb with pins and needles in my hands I’m now suffering with dizzyness its scarey I’ve had an mri scan it came back clear so docs and neuro thinks its anxiety surely not with all these symptoms I don’t feel normal its like I’m in a world of my own got up this morning and my legs are burning sorry for the long post I’m so desprate to know what’s wrong with me,thank you

Hello and welcome Cath

Has your neuro mentioned migraine as a possibility? Migraine can cause all sorts of neurological symptoms and, given your headache, seems like a definite possibility to (unqualified!) me.

Other possibilities include vitamin deficiencies (have you had your B12 levels tested, as well as everything else your GP can think of?) and Hughes Syndrome (if you have suffered miscarriage(s) and/or any form of thrombosis/embolism, this is a distinct possibility). It’s true that it could be anxiety too - it can cause all sorts :frowning: Functional neurological disorder is also a possibility - this is basically when our brains play tricks on us, causing some very alarming symptoms (see for a really good explanation).

Vitamin deficiencies and Hughes can be tested with blood tests, but checking out the migraine theory would probably require a referral to a headache specialist neuro.

There are plenty of conditions that do not show up on MRI so unless there is no other evidence (e.g. your bloods and clinical exam were normal too) and things that do not cause observable symptoms have been ruled out (e.g. migraine), an “anxiety” conclusion may be much too premature.

I hope your GP can park the anxiety thing long enough to be supportive in trying other options. If he/she can’t, you should definitely consider seeing someone else.

Karen x

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Hi all

am pretty new to all this, been on treatment 1 year. I had a chest infection 5 weeks ago requiring g2 courses of antibiotics and small course of steroids. My chest cleared after 2 weeks but I have been left fatigued, fuzzy brain, unable to concentrate which seems to affect what I say, struggling to read or even write and definitely don’t feel ok to drive or work. Just wondering if anyone else takes a long time to recover like this. I’ve been told it’s not a relapse just my body recovering.