What's the longest relapse you've had ?

Hi all, This all started on August 14th last year with a RRMS diagnosis in September. But apparently I’ve had MS since 2002 as an MRI and lumbar puncture shows. Nothing has changed, all the symptoms remain, some days better, some days worse. What is the longest relapse you’ve experienced ? Coz I’m getting right ticked off waiting for this to do one !!! Catherine Xx

Hi Catherine,

How on earth could they tell how long you’ve had it? I was told there was no way of working that out, and the only guide was my own recollection of how long I’d had symptoms. I’ve since uncovered e-mails going back at least six years prior to diagnosis, where I’d said to friends things like: “I don’t feel very well [again]”, and: “I think there might be something wrong with me”. So there’s a fairly clear evidence going back at least that far, but I think I can remember this and that cropping up earlier still, so sometimes I think it might be ten years, sometimes even 20.

Anyway, back to longest relapse, and the one that led to my diagnosis was definitely a year. I’d had a less drastic one before that that was at least eight or nine months too. But in both cases, things did start to improve much sooner, although it was barely perceptible at first. I didn’t just go nine months with no change, then suddenly it was better.

For the most part, the improvements were so gradual , I didn’t even notice. But I do vividly remember being elated one evening that I could tell the carpet was wet (no, no, it was only water - honest!) I’d had no sensation in my feet for so long that it was amazing to tell I was standing on wet carpet.



Hi Tina Sorry, should have been clearer…I had an MRI and lumbar puncture in 2002, which they now say, both show I had MS then. Thanks for the reply…I shall hold onto hope !! Catherine Xx

Hi, as it is not MS I have now I cant really help on length of relapses but I have heard that steriods can quicken up the recovery process. Have any of your symptoms improved ?

Take Care

Moyna xxx

Ah, LoL! And there’s me wondering why they couldn’t date mine the same way. I thought maybe it was because I didn’t have a LP! But no, they’d never looked for anything 'til 2010, so officially speaking, I didn’t have it before then - but my own experience tells me different.

I think it’s right not to give up hope. I’m not sure there’s an absolute limit on how long a relapse can last. If a year is possible, then what’s different about a year and a month, or a year and two months? I’m sure MS doesn’t have some sort of internal clock, with an expiry date on the time for improvement. Even if, as a rule-of-thumb, it doesn’t get much better after a year, does the MS know that? No! So what’s to stop it doing what the hell it likes?

If you think back carefully to when you first relapsed, has there been some improvement? If there has, it might not be finished yet.



Nope. Nothing has improved. In fact there are days and weeks where it is worse. But hey ho. There’s a lot worse. And the way the heat is, uhthoffs may be exacerbating things. I’ve only got until the 19th to wait before I get the latest MRI results. Xx