whats the future ?

Five years ago i began with pins and needles down my right side (the whole side from head to foot) which was bizare and lasted about two days. Luckily i wasnt at work that weekend. I then began to get cramps in the night and having to go to the loo at least 4 times per night. One day i lost the vision in my left eye. All went white. Like the pixels went bit by bit until nothing was left. It lasted a full half hr but vision came back as it had gone. Eye doctor at clinic said nothing wrong. Since then i have a ‘smear’ across my vision on left eye most of the time. I have trouble kneeling down because i cant bend my right foot due to the stiffness. I need something to hold onto to help me get up again. When i get ‘cramp’ now its not just in my legs or feet but it can be anywhere (day as well as night). When i wake in the morning i dare not stretch because my muscles lock into place and its painful but wares off after a while when i get moving. I often lose the feeling in my hands, feet , arms and legs which are always cold and stiff. I can no longer work on my car or use the keyboard as i once did. I cant do stuff requiring small detail or needing force. Recently i’ve started having twitches in my muscles. Sometimes it wakes me up. I see things and reach out to get them and they are further away than i see them. I have started to trip for no reason when i’m worn out and get the feeling that my left knee is weak and a bit wobbly. My works doc sent me to the specialist because i was in a state when she saw me but when i waited for months and finally got there i was fine and had no probs.Things come and go. Sometimes i’m fine and sometimes i have to sleep 12 plus hrs after a shift at work. My work is very physically active. When i feel really bad i ask my doc for steroids which work wonders. Wow, new woman…! I have a curvature of the spine at the bottom and am 3cm shorter on right side of body than left. I lean forward and to the right. For this i take Tremadol and other stuff for arthrirtis. I live alone. I’m a foreigner in a foreign land and have no help. I live in a village in the mid nowhere so i need to drive. No job no car no life. I’m 58 and need to work until i’m 64 or i wont get a pension. Been out of uk so long that i no longer am able to vote or claim anything. I’d like an idea of how long i can manage to keep on working. Any ideas ?

Hi Deedee

That sounds like a tough situation. I suggest getting in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau, as they’ll be able to give good advice on your situation. Give the MS Society helpline (0808 800 8000) a call too, as they may be able to point you in the right direction. How long were you out of the UK for? If it was less than 15 years, you would retain the right to vote in UK elections. Sorry I can’t help more!


Need to get referral to neurologist asap and tell all the details as you have told us here. Keep diary if it helps. Can’t help with the finance situation, but he_funk right - try CAB.


I’m unclear. Are you currently living outside the U.K.? Or have you recently returned?

Both Dan (he_funk) and reddivine have answered you as if you are within the U.K. now. But I read your post as if you are currently living outwith the U.K. If that’s the case, then the CAB won’t be able to help as you’ll be unable to access them.

It does sound as though you need to see a neurologist (again?) for exploration of what is causing your symptoms.