What you must never forget


I have put together a list of 5 item that I must never forget when I go away.

They are as follows

  1. MUSmate

  2. Catheters

  3. Travelscoot

  4. Rollator

  5. Travel passes

Tell me what you must always remember, it might only be one thing. Medicines and drugs do not need to be includeded. Please have a look at the article on my website ( called ‘Do these Help?’

I really look forward to hearing about your essentials.


hi patrick

mine are:-

my phone

some means of listening to music

member of my family or a friend who understands how ms affects me.

blue badge



sharps bin

i cant think of any more.

merry christmas!!!

carole x

Hi Patrick Mine is My tysibri card Nero nurse number Phone Glasses Tongue spray ( eases pain after fit) Pen and paper ( short term memory problems) I think that’s it apart from all the meds :smiley:

Bottles of water!

plus what everyone else has said.


Only 5 things!!! Phone Purse Drugs Toilet key And a good book Extas Mp3 player Photo of kids Stick Incontinense pads And so much more. I definitely no longer could be considered to travel light !

Earplugs - can’t sleep without them!

Makeup…I’d feel naked without it

Hairdryer although I could manage without an emergency.

moblie phone.

Debit card.

Then all the boring stuff, some of wthich have been mentioned.