What will medications to “control” symptoms actually do ?

20 years old, male,
So I’ve been informed that I most likely have MS of some forum, when my second opinion is over with (have to get second scan and opinion as first set of doctors aren’t giving answers clearly. And with them it would move even slower.)

In around 6-12 weeks from now the investigations will be done and I’ll probably be moving onto therapies and treatments.
(From previous investigation they have an indication that lesions are present, not how many or what the brain damage is or potentially where it’s headed, new set of doctors I’m paying for using all my savings are certain that through a second and much longer MRI they’ll figure out possible amount of lesions and then workout treatments while awaiting further diagnostic tests to take place such as lumbar and so on.)

From googling I’m told In young people like myself steroids are usually used and from what I remember from my mother having PRMS (although I was younger when she was around) that she was also treated with steroids and other medications, don’t know what forum of MS I likely have yet but do have MS of some fourm just awaiting secondary scans and opinions on the amount of lesions and so on….

I was wondering if there’s any advice to be given or information I may not find on internet searches, that only people with MS could know about,
such as what medication is likely better and what sort of role it actually plays with helping lesser symptoms.

For 4 years now while waiting for answers from doctors I’ve been doing all sorts of different therapeutic ways of coping and helping symptoms such as healthy balanced diet and plenty of light cardiovascular exercise, neurotropic multi vitamins and medical strength CBD oils imported and it’s helped a little along the way but the past 2 years it doesn’t help much at all. The disability caused by these symptoms are just accumulating more and more as time passes.

Hoping that with continuing everything I’m already doing that the symptoms will somewhat die down again and be able to carry on with my life as I’ve been on pause for four years now and hoping to be able to get through 1 year course to get my full education and build back up to being able to run and so on.

My hope is that dexterity in my fingers will come back almost fully as I’ve been determined to become an illustrator or artist since age 6 and knew from aged 11 it was the life for me and never stopped drawing or trying competitions and so on, since, will be damned if this illness is going to stop me, there’s life to be lived and it will not prevent me, even tho in past 4 months it’s been kicking my ass and past 2 months lately I’m only able to continue drawing or painting for a couple hours anymore than that and my hands go very shaky and twitching and almost catatonic, feel as though I could probably chase my dog around shouting the claw like Jim Carey in liar liar because it’ll remain in that position for hours, the joints in my fingers will ache like madness and it’ll take days for me to be able to draw or even type on my phone properly.

So if anyone could share what medications would likely be and how they actually work with helping you cope with symptoms I’d appreciate it deeply. Thank you. Take care.

I am sorry that you are having such a worrying time. If you’re doing all the right things in terms of lifestyle, and it sounds as though you are, then you’re doing all you can, really. They say you’re supposed to minimise stress too, but good luck with that when you’re potentially looking down the wrong end of an MS dx… It must be really tough for you, and all you can do is your best. :frowning: If you do end up with an MS dx, the treatment options available will likely be driven by the details of that dx, so there’s a limit to what you can do at this stage, beyond doing your homework on medications on the main part of this MS Society site and other reputable sources of information like the MS Trust. I really feel for you with the hands - mine are affected too and it’s not funny, I know.

Good luck with it all.

Thanks for your advice, had thought similar about Dx and meds but wondered. Helpful to of had it cleared up, no your right it’s very upsetting but lately just try looking to the bright side of things. Know at this point that I do without having the formal Dx right now, however it’s not too far away because desperation has me throwing money at people to get it figured out… while not happy using my savings of past 4 years on it, it’s better than the struggle and stress continuing.
It’s unbelievable about when you have multiple symptoms which change over time and really effect you just how many deny you help and even sympathy.
For a long time ignored the idea but as the past 2 years and lost abilities to do things like walk very far and so on realised it was, know now there’s something there from an MRI of my brain but doctors were so fishy it’s hard getting more details out of them hence taking my own route around them so don’t have to keep playing games and chasing people about for answers.

Only hope is to workout a lifestyle routine and have some forum of medications where it is lessened and more comfortable in my skin daily. Know it’ll never go away ever and only get slightly worse as time goes on, thinking lately that within all the stress and upset and day to day torment, difficulties that
There’s still life to be lived and it’s not going to come screeching to a halt, in fact its been on pause for years now and with getting closer to help and Dx it’s becoming more optimistic that I’ll get along with things wasn’t able to finish like eduction and so on.

Getting side tracked sorry, However hearing this was more reassuring in a way because know that I’m doing everything I can right now and just need to find more patients for people to do the right thing. Weirdly it’s more of a relief as now I know this and can keep focusing on a better future living with this.

Hope your okay in yourself as well and keeping yourself happier and busy in more stressful times for everyone.

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It sounds as though you really started the process of preparing yourself for a likely MS dx some time ago. It was only months in my case, but I remember being quite glad when the formal dx came that it was no surprise. I think our systems know what they need to do to prepare us as best the can for bad news and big change. That doesn’t mean it is a pleasant process - far from it - just that important work is being done at a subconscious level, as we get our heads around it all. So you’re ahead of the game on that dimension, although that doesn’t make you feel any better right now, I’m afraid. It’s tough, all this, it really is. Thank you for your kind words, and my good wishes to you too.

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Thanks Alison know what your saying and where your coming from, still awaiting the MRI results but have also been speaking with a neurologist briefly as there’s a belief with professionals now that it could be early onset Parkinson’s as that runs in my family on my mother’s side also, because quite a lot of confusing symptoms that Are pretty much the same with MS but also I have some smaller issues I thought couldn’t be symptoms that can be attributed to Parkinson’s, so who knows at this point.

While it’s been 4 years of trying with bad doctors feel as tho I’ve finally found doctors who will listen this time, neurologist feels confident that in 4 - 12 weeks I should have a DX then in a few more months after should get a formal one.
So either way it’s getting figured out for me.
Apologies for another long winded message

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It is tough for everyone going through these things but there’s always something more for us all. Best wishes to you too Alison, thanks for advice and words of Kindness much love :).

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