What waste of money!!!

Hi all

I have not opened my laptop for a week now cos I have felt so c****y, but at

long last I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Started with a cold,

thanks to my grandson, which just sent my symptoms into overdrive, felt like I

was on a merry go round and couldn’t get off! and to think that when I was a kid

I loved the merry go round…not anymore lol.

I am digressing sorry, so back to my post. Man called last week to service my

bath seat and told me that although it is in perfect working order, it was now obsolete

and had to be replaced. OT called today for the new one, and told me to dispose

of the one now obsolete, even though it is perfect!! What an absolute waste of money,

especially now with all the cuts being made, I think it is disgusting, cannot believe it.

Hope you are all doing ok, and just in case I am not recovered, want to wish you all

a happy Christmas and a safe, peaceful and healthy new year.

Pam x

Hi Pam, so sorry you have been down with cold hon and MS gorilla rattling his cage!

Hope things improve rapidly and you are really well for Xmas.

I agree about the waste of money. When I had my shower put in last year the bloke said they would replace the fan (oh my brain… you know the fan you have in bathroom without window… whatever the F it’s called!!!).

Anyway he said that it was the best one and had cost a lot of money but had to be replaced because it had never been maintained! Such a waste… apparently they just needed to send someone round every couple of years to clean it and it would have had another 20 years life.

Another waste story. We have a plastic box on each floor in our rubbish chute room for recycling. All the old people who live here put their recycling in them. The care assistants have to go through them to make sure there’s no stuff that shouldn’t be in there.

Heard a care assistant laughing and saying that she just tips the lot down the rubbish chute as she can’t be bothered to go through it !!! I now take mine down to the recycling skip…

We live in a careless world that won’t last much longer if it goes on like this.

Feel better Pam and wishing you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

Pat x

Sorry you have been feeling so crappy. Getting anything on top of this always makes things so much worse - doesn’t it? That is a dreadful waste - how can it be justified? So many things are being cut back and in the light of that, it is no wonder! Teresa xx

Chin up gal this waste of money is catching, a friend of mine forgot to fill in dla renewal form so car is being recalled on 24th December, his carer then sorted it all out to be told the claim would be continuous but the car would still have to be recalled as the papework had been done and she was to take him down to the garage and order a new one!!! As the car is only nine months old I find this stupid, surely it can not be that difficult to recall a recall!!!


Hi Mark

It sure does beggar belief, when money is tight I cannot believe

these people in authority.

Pam x