What to expect at ESA medical

Hi I’m new here and I have posted a bit of history on the before diagnosis thread. I have some symptoms which could mean I have MS but hopefully I don’t, I’m now waiting to have an MRI and EMG. I do suffer with a bad back (I had a spinal fusion operation years ago) and sciatica everyday which affects walking any distance, sitting down for too long, I can’t sit on a hard chair at all without pain, standing, I can stand on the spot without pain and basically I have to lay down a lot. I also have something wrong with my feet and due to have an operation on one foot to remove to growths on the nerves.

So the reason I’m posting here, is this week I have to go for a medical for ESA, I currently get Incapacity benefit. For those of you that have been for a medical can you tell me what to expect? What kind of questions do they ask, do they give you time to answer with more than yes or no? I’ve read and re-read the document that was a link from here. I know I qualify for 15 points as I can’t walk a couple of steps without pain. I’ve been given crutches because my ankle sometimes gives way and I can’t put weight on it, my toes burn and hurt from the mortons neuromas that I have in them or it can feel like electric shocks.

I’m not sure whether to use my crutches or not, would it be better to just hobble in and let them see me in pain or should I use the crutches so they know that I doctor gave me a walking aid?

Thanks, Dotty

Best advce I can give is to join Benefits and Work Website (£20.00 p/a) They have dood advice about medicals and what to expect. Assumptions are made based on your answers to seemingly innocent questions like “how did you get here”. If you say on the bus for example, they will assume that you can stand (to wait for the bus) climb steps and walk from the bus stop.It helps to be prepared!


Thank you Jane for your advice.

Hi Dotty, I would also call and make sure that you are going to be seen by a doctor. I waited over an hour for my last medical to be told by the nurse that she couldn’t see me as I was being investigated for MS (people with neurological or suspected neurological conditions should be seen by a doctor).

Best of luck hun,

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Thank you Mags I will call ahead of the appointment and find out.