What to do? Some advice about work...

I am having a very difficult time in deciding what to do about work. I work full time. I have a (relatively) understanding boss and a very understanding client base when it comes to the immediate and day to day stuff. I can cope with the mental aspect of my job. It’s the physical aspect that is really getting too much for me now. I can structure my working day/ week to suit myself within reason…but even that is now hard to do. I work in an environment where health & safety is a big, big thing. H&S is a big part of my job and thankfully it is an area that I am interested in and indeed have expertise in. The person who does my risk assessments…is me. Thats where it gets a bit confusing for me. I can’t go on because I might put myself or others at risk. I want to keep working for now. For now, I said.
I am well aware of resonable adjustments and all that. I think I know my entitlements. I can’t (won’t!) talk to anyone in my workplace about it (it’s complicated). :?:
I’m going to see a counsellor tomorrow. I have a week off soon and I intend to visit my local Job Centre Plus and Citizens Advice to get their ‘advice’ too. I won’t be making any rash decisions but I’d like to have come to some sort of compromise/ conclusion/ decision by the end of the month.
I know my health is the most important thing here but work matters to me too. And no I’m not one of these workaholics either. Just conscientious.

Hate to say this but do you think because of the nature of your job your being too critical with yourself? It sounds like you love your job and take it very seriously but equally arent you just putting obstacles in your own way?

I dont know what the main issues are other than H & S however there is always a solution to be found, mostly common sense ones, so please dont despair.

Sometimes we can talk ourselves into dilemas without realising it. If you do indeed pose a risk to others then try think logically without taking yourself out of the equation just yet.