What to do in/around Torquay?

HELLO, Me and my (much) better half are having a couple of days in Torquay at the beginning of November to see my brother in law and we need to find somewhere to go/something to do in the daytime. We don’t want to stay in the hotel the whole time and we don’t want to spend time in his flat as he is a smoker! My better half will have to push me in my wheelchair whatever we do/where-ever we go and I know the area is hilly and I don’t want to give him a heart attack or a hernia, and his brother has limited mobility due to a back injury and arthritis and uses a stick. Last time we had an afternoon at Buckfast Abbey, and we have wandered around Dawlish but otherwise driven rather aimlessly around the Devon countryside. I’d appreciate any ideas. I am 57 by the way - if that makes any difference to what you might suggest. Thanks in advance. Yvonne xx

Exeter cathedral? Went there once years ago and remember it as being worth the visit. Or am I thinking of Truro…?! Cinema trip if weather bad? Does Torquay have a theatre?

Hi Yvonne. If you type ‘things to do in torquay’ into google you’ll find the Trip Advisor web site (it came up first when I tried it just now) and they list 33 things to do in Torquay. Lots of them will be for kids, but you might find something that interests you. The hotel you stay in should have leaflets for the various attractions - and the staff should have some idea of what is suitable for a wheelchair user. Living Coasts Zoo and Aquarium is somewhere you might like and they claim to provide access for all.

Hope that helps and that you have a great time in Devon

Hazel x


you could look out for my dad - he’s always going on holiday!

80 year old, good looking and loves singing on karaoke.

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have fun

carole x

Excellent zoo at Paignton. Take a trip up to dartmoor and stop for a while at the high places also Widecombe on the moor and Princetown for Dartmoor prison. Retun via Tavistock.

Hi Yvonne,

The living cost is wheelchair freindly if you like sea life that is. Most of Torquay is unfortunately hilly, My wife Nicola and myself visit Torquay regularly as our youngest son lives at Tor Church, I was still just about walking last time we visited. I found that If you study maps you can often park on the same level as the place you intend to visit, so ordenance survey maps with gradient markings are very helpful. Please be very careful near hills especially in the wet, being new to a wheelchair myself and living in a hilly area I found out how easy wheelchairs skid and have ended up in the road a number of times.

Try contacting the local tourist information centre before you go they will be able to help with information regarding venues with wheelchair access and places to park.

We use to walk all over Devon including our favourite place, Dartmoor unfortunately some places have become inaccessable, due to wheelchair but there is many places that we can get to that are still beautiful.

Take care and hope you have a great time.