What signals a Change to SPMS



So here I am 16 years after diagnosis of RRMS, and being advised that as my initial symptoms were sensory it would lead to hopefully a better prognosis, my neoro was right!

I’ve had relapses, but these have been all sensory - Optic neuritis, stabbing head pains with right sided spasms and loss of speech, vertigo and plenty of numbness from my waist down & on my face) & pins and needles - yes I am very lucky!

But in the last couple of years I have started getting foot spasms on my right side. Nothing too bad really just my toes separating or my foot arcing or stretching out. Magnesium helps.

But just recently the feelings in my left leg have become more intense and the other evening my left foot contorted so bad it looked like it was broken! It was extremely painful, but didn’t last long - thank goodness! I also have a tightness and lump over my achillese tendonitis - tendonitis and have exercises for this but with no change

So, is this the beginning of things changing for me? I have been taking Aubagio for 5 years now, which looks like it may be helping slow things down, but what are peoples thoughts about progression?

Am I moving into the SPMS stage or is that when you have spinal lesions (although I don’t really know where my lesions are now a days with no face to face appointments and a memory like a seive!).

BTW I also have hip bursitis on my right side and my muscles need strengthening - I’m currently seeing a physio for this and she has mentioned that sometimes she’s seen similarities in patients with MS.

I haven’t had a relapse in years, but isn’t that what DMDs are supposed to do to reduce occurrancy of attacks?

Thanks for your input

Sharon xxx

Off to see my GP tomorrow about my foot/heel pain. My lumps is becomming more pronounced with swelling in my foot too!