What percentage of getting ms?

I was just wondering if anyone knows what sort of percentage you have of getting diagnosed with ms following an attack of transverse myelitis whilst getting over a virus. The attack took away the use of one hand & affected my speech. Recovered well left with 2 lesions on my brain which were smaller on 2nd scan. Had abnormal veps but negative lumber puncture. This was 18 months ago. I shouldnt be thinking about it so much after all this time but you never forget. Does anyone know in medical terms what percentage I roughly have of getting diagnosed with ms at some point? My neuro told me I may never get ms but he didn’t say if I was high risk etc & if i wanted to speak to him again as he has discharged me it will be about a 3 month wait to speak to him.

I dont know about percentages exactly although I do know that with a negative LP you are far less likely to get MS than someone with a positve LP.

Try and be positive - easier said than done.

Moyna x

I think, with the only known being a DX of any CIS the percentage that go on to MS is 50%. But as Moyna writes, with a negative LP you are far less likely to get MS.

It might be a time to think about critical illness insurance though.

Be too late to get critical illness cover now if it does eventually lead to a dx of ms as it’s pre existing. I had optic neuritis long before dx and was flat turned down for critical illness cover. Even life insurance was more expensive as I was apparently regarding as already having MS from an insurance risk point of view. Harsh if it turns out to be a one-off symptom but insurance companies aren’t in it for our good I don’t think!

To Anon, try and just carry on with life as before - forgetting about it will get easier over time if you have no other symptoms.