What now???

Hi. I am not in any drugs at the moment. I have tried 3. types to add no improvement. My last go stays in my system for a year?? So I am not keen to pump myself full of more drugs. I tried to volunteer for stem cell but my neurologist would not sign the form. I foolishly said I had read the information and understood the risks. But my life as it is is not worth living as it is. Bang mental health team etc etc… Now I feel I have no faith in him. My ms nurse is always busy. The pain is getting worse. I just feel all doors are closed. Any advice. I’m in Cumbria so not a lot seems to be available.

I’m in Cumbria too and you’re right there’s not much here. However, I have a very helpful, proactive ms nurse and a consultant who listens. There is also a local group although I haven’t been to it. They seem to do some therapies and there’s a hydrotherapy pool. Try and concentrate on the things you can do and enjoy time with friends and family.

Hi, I’m in West Cumbria and I have found my neurologist great. The ms nurses have been good with me as well but they have way too many people to look after. Maybe you could try and Change neurologist as I know a few people who go to Newcastle to see a consultant. Where abouts in Cumbria are you ?

Hi is there a contact for group please.?

If you click on the Care and Support tab and then go to local groups you should find what you need.

If you’re in South Lakeland as I am then a lot of it is at the Westmorland leisure centre in Kendal.