What Next... 34 and a pacemaker to boot!!! Anyone else??

Hi All

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this- I am 34 years old, been on pretty much all the drugs which in turn have caused huge side effects including liver failure! In hospital last week- and they had to stop i.v steroids because my pulse fell to 36 ( evidentally 50 and below,can cause a form of brain damage)- any way now been advised I have signus node disease of the heart and bradycardia and a pace maker is a must- this is not ideal for many reasons- my mobility is already at an all time worse, sight etc and to be honest, I can’t even get through a minor operation for a tooth and dont like as I am sure no one does the thought of being opened up to have at the ripe old age of 34 a pacemaker!!! Anyone else heard of heart problems and M.S?

Many Thanks.


No I have never heared this before; you have unfortunately drawn the short straw.

I must say one thing you may not be aware of ON NO ACCOUNT GO ANYWHERE AN MRI; do not even go in a building where there is one.

These use extreamly strong magnites and will stop a pacemaker.

sorry to add yet another restriction; believe me I know how you feel having restrictions put on me not because of MS; if MS was not enough.


Will you look at the post ‘Major Heart Surgery and MS’ that l wrote last week about my friends niece. Now her heart is working properly all her ms symptoms have gone.

When l see my friend next - l will get an up-date and ‘post’ it.

Have you google the pacemaker op - l don’t think it is as bad as you fear. lt might put your mind at rest.

Keep in touch - on here - let us know how you are coping.

We shall all be thinking of you.