What is an enhanced disability?

I’ve googled it, googled it, googled it and goggled it! What is the meaning of enhanced disability with regard to ESA? Thanks. Pat

This is a particularly severe cognitive problem and can result in people voting for the Old Etonian Party. I consider this to be even worse than not being able to wear high heels.

I know that enhanced disability is the higher rate for PIP which is the equivalent of higher rate DLA. I am not to certain on the link to ESA. Sorry Neil (not a high heel wearer anymore)

Surely, it’s the disability premium that’s “enhanced” not the disability itself?

An advice website I found says this:

"Enhanced Disability Premium

You qualify for an Enhanced Disability Premium if you and your partner are under 60 and one of you receives Disability Living Allowance higher rate care component. You also qualify for an enhanced disability premium if you claim main-phase Employment and Support Allowance and receive the support component (even if you are not claiming Disability Living Allowance higher rate care component). "

Source here:

I can’t vouch for the accuracy or reliability of the website, as I haven’t spent a great deal of time on this, cross-checking it with other sources. But it looks plausible enough to me.


Yes, as per Anitra,

Similarly,I understand that the severe disability premium is going under PIP , existing claimants may continue to receive it/passported across.

Not sure about the enhanced one, there seems little info on these premiums!