what I know so far

Hi All

Ok so far I know that my mri came back abnormal with some demyliin please excuse the spelling in one area of my brain i think that means some nerves are unprotected up there lol I also know that I have had symptoms for over 3 years I now have an appointment for a neuro in June now the complicated part I also have leaukemia although under control and I have a fantastic specialist I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of anyone having the two together as I can’t find any research on this

Im a bit of a researcher and like to have an idea whats going on lol so the more I can find out the better

My symptoms are

Numbness, walking problems, extreme fatigue, speech problems, vision issues etc

Also what tests will the neuro do please


I don’t know about how leukaemia and MS will affect each other, but that’s tough, having two serious conditions. Having one is bad enough.

The tests I have had inclue the finger to nose test, my neuro watching me walk across the room, trying to walk heel-to-toe (that was hilarious, I can’t do it), and checks on my reflexes including checking for the Babinski response. I also had an MRI of my brain and spine, an evoked potential test and a lumbar puncture. The evoked potential was the only time I’ve been invited to sit in a comfortable armchair and look at a TV screen during a test! It’s like having an ECG of your brain while watching a non-moving bit of a moving image, it was completely painless.

Everything was pain-free except the lumbar puncture, which was uncomfortable rather than painful while it happened but then I got the headache afterwards. The MRI was noisy, the rest was easy.

Hi and welcome,

One thing I do know is that chemotherapy and especially radiotheraphy can cause neurological problems. For example I had hodgkins lymphoma in 1990. In 1991 I started to have neuro symptoms. All my tests were clear MRI, LP VEPs etc I was told it was side effects of the cancer treatment. Symptoms did pass until a few years ago. I now have a lesion in the area were I had radiotheraphy. Basically in 1990 I was 25 and my body was able to cope/repair the problem but as I have aged the problem has come to roost. That is one neuros point of view, a second one thought MS. At the momemt I only have theories as to what is wrong. No definate DX.

Moyna xx