What Helps...

So I basically just thought it’d be nice to gather some thoughts on what we find helps us.

I do a few things but am sure I should be doing more as I’m struggling a much with fatigue. I’ve heard there are herbs and diets that help with that but I know nothing more.

I practise yoga throughout th week and every Thursday my instructor adds a new position! It’s helps soooo much. I can manage my balance to an extent. I know how to recover from any wobbles or trips. I’m getting stronger and stronger and am leaning some good stretches for when my muscles play up. It also helps my determination. When I’m struggling with yoga I push and push myself, so in the day time I’m more determined to get through the day and I’m determined to not let MS defeat me. (Obviously I don’t push myself to the point I over do something and get worse - learning moderation is key)

i do light exercises from a seated position every so often which helps to get me ready for the next section of the day.

When noticing I am falling into a low, depressed state, just whack on some music and dance like no ones watching and sing your absolute heart out. It’s hard to get started but you’ll be jumping and shouting in no time!

Be mindful to be mindful. That is, I’m aware, and try to be present and in the moment.

Relaxation when needed. I make a cosy room with something for every sense.

I’m gojng to start Bowen therapy soon which is meant to help with a lot. Hopefully that’ll do something.

Thats about it I think. It’s mainly the yoga and light exercise that I’ve found particularly helpful.

Csnt wait to find out more helpful things